There was a legend that spoke of great powerful creatures that ripped their way through cracks in the ground which very much resembled the cracks formed from a ground shake. These things were horrid looking as if they were crawling out of hell itself all pitch black in colour many with long claws or sharp fangs and some even with horns. They would kill hundreds of innocent people tearing them apart limb from limb but there was something special that they would do after the killing. They would stand over the corpse and it looked like they were sucking out the soul of the victim and consuming it. They would then go back into the craters if they were not killed by nearby warriors and spell casters. Over time the attacks became more frequent and stronger as well, deadlier creatures would burst out from the ground killing more people obtaining more souls. The reasoning behind why it was done was not clear, no one had any idea what the purpose or use they had. But weeks turned to months and soon years, deadlier creatures appeared becoming harder to take out and with numbers of warriors and spell casters remaining they posed a large threat. Until the day came where 4 adventurers underwent an augmentation by extracting the cells from these creatures and mixing it within their own making themselves obtain supernatural abilities. They fought back against the creatures triumphing them in many battles. Then the day came where a creature big enough to block out the sun crawled out. Large red eyes, menacing horns, sharp fangs and long claws. Nothing worked against the creature, it was an unstoppable force. In desperate needs the 4 adventurers looked up into the skies and begged for an answer on how to stop them. The gods agreed to help but the answer was not liked, the 4 would have to jump into the abyss and destroy the source that was allowing the creatures the ability to enter our world. And so they did, all 4 jumped deep into the abyss never to be seen again, believed that they destroyed the source as the large creature had dropped to the ground. After that the creatures stopped appearing so the hole in the ground was built over so no one was able to enter. A city was then built alongside it to remember the 4 who sacrificed their lives for us all. This city is known as Abyssium. But you know, it’s just a legend, couldn’t possibly be true. Just made to scare the young ones.

The Legend of Abyssium

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